Some years ago a group of aviation enthusiasts met at Maroochydore with a view to forming an Association for owners and operators interested in the Cessna 200 series aircraft. The meeting of 25 people chose to form an Incorporated Association with the purpose of promoting safe flying and furthering the technical knowledge of members while facilitating an environment favourable to forming new and lasting friendships. The name chosen – C200 Series Association Incorporated.

Fly Ins are held twice a year over weekends in Autumn and Spring – a ‘long weekend’. Members suggest future locations for Fly Ins and we include relevant technical sessions at some events.  Flying, fun and friendships plus lots of eating and drink or two is the purpose of these weekends all while we get to discover the various locations we visit.
Committee meets between Fly Ins via teleconference and we have a general meeting for all members at each Fly In to update members and plan future Fly Ins. An AGM is held at the Spring Fly In each year.

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2018/2019 Committee:

President: Geoff Morris
Vice President: Ralph Aikin
Secretary: Robyn Shorrock
Treasurer: David Crawford
Committee: Garth Bartlett, Annie Haynes Patricia Kenney Pam McCabe Neil Richardson, Neil Shorrock, Tony Taggart and  Suzy Tilley
Fly-in Coordinator:
Newsletter editors:
Newsletter Printer:
Public Officer
Annie Haynes
Pam McCabe Neil Richardson
John Weston – Weston Print
Annie Haynes